This is the first of a monthly journal specifically made for our patients and community! Every month there will be a different topic related to the office, our community, overall health or a combination of the three. This month we will be introducing the partnership between doctors and a few changes you can look forward to come 2018!

You may have noticed the headline of this journal says “Henson Orthodontics”. Surprise! The few changes you may have noticed recently have all been leading up to our January rollout of our new brand. Welcome to Henson Orthodontics!

Our mission is to provide the best patient experience possible. We care for our patients as if they are our family. You can expect to always share smiles, laughter and friendship with our team. We are all about “Sharing the Joy”, hence it being our motto. Henson Orthodontics provides a comfortable atmosphere, friendly faces and a little taste of home. From the moment you walk in you can expect to be greeted with freshly baked cookies, coffee and tea at your disposal. You spend a lot of time with us so we’d like you to feel as though our office is your second home… without the hassle of having to bake delicious cookies yourself!

Henson Orthodontics is also devoted to providing the most advanced treatment options available for our patients. Both Dr. Henson and Dr. Fry are always learning new and innovative ways to provide the most current treatment for you and your family. Both Doctors attend courses and seminars on the newest and best treatments orthodontics has to offer as well as participate in a monthly study group with other local dental professionals.

          The most enjoyable trait Henson Orthodontics offers is the ability to have a great relationship with your doctor. Both Dr. Henson and Dr. Fry are very compassionate and find great joy in having strong relationships with their patients. They dedicate themselves to getting to know you and your family. They take note of what is going on in your life, sports you are interested in, what school you attend, if you’re getting married, having a child, retiring or going on vacation. They have kind hearts, listening ears, friendly faces and a great sense of humor. No matter what stage of life you are in our doctors want to get to know you and care for you the best they can. They develop lifelong friendships with their patients and continue them long after treatment is complete.

Let’s talk about upgrades! We recently installed state-of-the-art equipment and moved to a new software system. The system offers the capability to send text message or email appointment reminders based on your preference. Since this is a new feature it is important for you to note that phone call reminders are no longer available as an appointment reminder option. You will also need to Set-up reminders with the front office to start receiving reminders immediately. Along with the new software, we have developed a new, easy to navigate Henson Orthodontics website! All patients will have access to their treatment information and upcoming appointments through a personalized portal in the near future.

In addition, a swag wall will be going up in all offices equipped with water bottles, t-shirts, hats, key chains and almost anything you can think of. As well as a way to earn Henson swag with a Patient Rewards Program, to help you get the most out of your treatment! (Details to come as we get closer, stay posted!)

Interested in purchasing new oral hygiene products this holiday season? We now have Sonicare toothbrushes and Waterpik’s available for purchase at all offices. They are available at an unbeatable wholesale price, talk to the front office for pricing.

Stay tuned for our January Share the Joy Journal! We wish you a Happy Holiday and Joyful New Year!


Henson Orthodontics